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Clayborn Lab

A World of Applications - One Company

Clayborn Lab is an industry leader in adhesive heat technology. We started developing this technology for the US Space Program and now offer our superb products, Heat Tape and Heated Sample Lines (heated tubing), for uses in multiple industries. A wide range of resistance and input voltages means we can easily engineer the appropriate heat tape option to your exacting requirements.

Clayborn Precision Heat Tape

We engineer our heat tape to your exacting specifications. Our heat tape is easy to use, but offers incredible versatility for delivering critical heat control for a broad range of applications.

From aerospace to industrial applications our heat tape is time tested to deliver unprecedented performance.

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Clayborn Heated Sample Line Technology

At the heart of our Heated Sample Line technology is our heat tape product, which is also engineered to your exact wattage requirements. We offer machine wrapped heat tracing from 1/4" O.D. to 1 3/4" O.D., as well as hand wrapped tracing of unusually small or large outer diameter tubing to meet a wide range of applications.

When your project demands the most stringent heat control in varied environments, Clayborn Lab has you covered.

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Engineered Exactly to Your Specifications

Your project requires the most exacting tolerances and we're here to deliver. Our engineers will work with you to develop the most efficient solution for your unique application. Contact Clayborn Lab today and let us do the rest.